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INS 322E - Reinforced Concrete I

Course Objectives

1. To provide the concepts of material behavior, reinforced concrete section behavior, design principles,
ultimate strength design method, construction details.
2. To give an ability to apply knowledge of reinforced concrete behavior on engineering problems.

Course Description

Reinforced concrete members, slab, beam, column, foundation, Concrete, Reinforcing steel, Mechanical
properties of concrete and steel, Loads and load effects, structural failure providing safety in R/C, material
factors, the load factors, load groups, Mechanics of R/C beam, over reinforced beam, balanced beam, ultimate
strength design, analysis of R/C beams, Analysis of flanged beams, Mechanism of bond transfer, development
of anchorage and splicing of reinforcement, Column capacity, eccentrically loaded columns, column
interaction diagram, tied and spiral columns, Bi-axially loaded columns, Analysis and design of slender
columns, Determination of moment magnification factor, Diagonal tension failure of beam without stirrup,
load transfer in a cracked beam, shear reinforcement, Shear design procedures, Behavior of R/C members
subjected to torsion, design for torsion, shear and moment, Elastic design assumptions, elastic analysis of
beams with rectangular cross-sections, comparison with ultimate strength method, RC Frames, joints,
redistribution, construction knowledge, prestressed concrete, general knowledge

Course Coordinator
Ali Sarı
Ali Sarı
Course Language
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