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BLG 212E - Microprocessor Systems

Course Objectives

-- To understand number systems and data representation in computer.
-- To identify and outline the architecture of computers, memory and memory design, architecture of CPU, adressing methods and generic instructions set.
-- To describe the principles of interfacing.
-- To explain the programming concepts for microprocessors.
-- To have a basic knowledge of some popular microprocessors.

Course Description

Introduction to computer and microprocessor-based systems. Number systems, binary arithmetic and data representation. Memory and memory expansion. CPU architecture. Addressing methods. A generic microprocessor and its architecture. Addressing modes and instructions set. Input/Output: parallel and serial I/O devices. Peripheral devices. Subroutine, interrupt and stack structure. Data transfer. The assembly language and directives. Design of a microprocessor-based system.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Yılmazer Metin
Course Language
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