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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Veritabanı Yönetim Sistemleri (Mat. Müh.)
English Database Management Systems (Math. Eng.)
Course Code
BLG 361 Credit Lecture
Semester 5
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Kaya Sarıcalı
Course Objectives To learn how to use and design database management systems and how to develop database applications.
Course Description Database concepts. Relational model, relational algebra, queries. Application development. Database design, normalization, entity-relationship model. Concurrency, transactions, locking. Object-oriented databases, object/relational mapping, XML data model and queries.
Course Outcomes Applying relation structures of discrete mathematics to data modelling.

Analyzing and optimizing the data model of an existing system.

Using database management systems as part of software projects.

Developing database applications both on the desktop and over the Internet.
Pre-requisite(s) Data Structures (BLG221)
Required Facilities
Textbook SQL Server 2008 for Developers, Bryan Syverson, Joel Murach, Mike Murach & Associates Inc., 2008, ISBN-13: 978-1-890744-51-6
Other References Yazılımcılar için SQL Server 2012 ve Veritabanı Programlama, Yaşar Gözüdeli, Seçkin Yayıncılık, 2012, ISBN : 9750218804
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