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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Lojik Devreler Laboratuvarı
English Logic Circuits Laboratory
Course Code
BLG 242 Credit Lecture
Semester -
1 - - 2
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Gökhan Seçinti
İlkay Öksüz
Course Objectives 1) The laboratories will cover practical topics that extend concepts learned in class.
2) Students will be able to implement and debug both combinational and sequential circuits.
Course Description A laboratory involving the design and implementation of logic circuits. Combinational and sequential (both synchronous and asynchronous) design examples using small and medium scale integrated circuits. PAL/PLA programming software is also used. Groups of 4 students use a protoboard to build their circui
Course Outcomes 1) Demonstrate basic laboratory skills, including the use of standard laboratory equipment.
2) Design and implement logic circuits (combinational and synchronous sequential) using small-scale and medium-scale integrated circuits.
3) Test and debug the logic circuits.
4) Use computer software to program programmable logical devices.
5) Prepare a written report that effectively communicates the objective, the design procedure, the experimental results, and the conclusion for any project design.
6) To work with group members in harmony to solve problems.
Required Facilities
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