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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction and UML In a Nutshell
Software Engineering Overview, Use Cases,Class Diagrams,Interaction Diagrams,State Chart Diagrams,Component Diagrams,Deployment Diagrams
2 Software Processes and Process Models
Process, Process Models, Waterfall Model, Iterative Models, Spiral Models, Unified Process
3 Agile Software Development
Agile Methods, Extreme Programming, Scrum, Crystal
4 Software Project Management – 1
Management Spectrum, Project and Process Metrics, Estimation, Planning and Scheduling
5 Software Project Management – 2
Risk Management, Quality Management, Configuration/Change Management
6 System Modeling and Requirements Engineering
System Engineering, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements, Requirements Specification, Elicitation and Analysis of Requirements, Validation of Requirements
7 Midterm Examination
8 Analysis Model
Context Models, Interaction Models, Structural Models, Behavioural Models, Model-Driven Engineering
9 Design Engineering – 1
Architectural Design, Component Level Design
10 Design Engineering – 2
Design Patterns, Implementation Issues, User Interface Design
11 Software Testing
Testing Strategies, Testing Tactics, Test-Driven Development
12 Web Engineering
Planning, Analysis, Design and Test for Web Applications, Project Management Issues for Web Applications
13 Advanced Software Engineering
Service Oriented Architecture, Aspect Oriented Software Development, Formal Methods, Reengineering
14 Project Presentations
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