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BLG 231 - Digital Circuits

Course Objectives

1. Learning the principles of digital electronic circuits.
2. Obtaining the ability to analyze digital circuits.
3. Obtaining the ability to choose and design the suitable circuits for a variety of digital design applications.

Course Description

Binary systems, Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates. Simplification of Boolean Functions: The Map Method, The Tabulation Method. Design and Analysis of Combinational Logic Circuits (Decimal and Binary Adder, Magnitude Comparator, Decoders, Encoders, Multiplexers, ROM, PLA, PAL). Synchronous Sequential Logic – Flip Flops, Analysis and Design of Clocked Sequential Circuits; Design of Counters, Shift Registers. Asynchronous Sequential Logic – Circuits with Latches. Analysis and Design Procedures of Asynchronous Sequential Logic Circuits.

Course Coordinator
Serhat İkizoğlu
Course Language
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