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BLG 433 - Computer Communications

Course Objectives

1. To provide a unified view of data and computer communications.
2. To discuss principles and practice of computer networking
3. To teach software principles involved in computer networks.
4. To ensure that students have the necessary networking skills to design,
implement, and analyze communication networks.

Course Description

The field of Computer Networks has been one of the hot research and development areas in recent years. This course aims to give basic protocols/techniques used in Computer Networks. The issues related to socket programming will be covered . Examples from each stage of data transmission will be given, starting from the representation of data in a transmission media to the control protocols used in networks. Network topologies, routers, switches, routing algorithms, multicasting will be also studied. After giving the basic information about the communication protocols/techniques, Internet Protocol (IP) will be examined in detail.

Course Coordinator
Sema Fatma Oktuğ
Sanem Kabadayı
Course Language
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