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BLG 442E - Tech.&Innov. Mng.for Inf.Tech.

Course Objectives

1. To develop an awareness of the range, scope, and complexity of the issues and problems related to the strategic management of technology and innovation
2. To develop an understanding of the “state of the art’ methods for the strategic management of technology and innovation
3. To introduce a conceptual framework for assessing and auditing the innovative capabilities of a business organization in the field of information technologies
4. To expose the students to tools and methods used by companies engaged in information technology intensive industries.
5. To teach the students the basic skills necessary to construct a technology strategy for an IT firm.

Course Description

This course will teach the importance of an innovative and creative view of information technology. It will cover how organizations can commercialize their technological innovations and how the associated risks and benefits might be managed. Assembling internal and external ideas through the open innovation paradigm and transferring innovations inward and outward will be discussed.

Course Coordinator
Gökhan İnce
Course Language
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