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BLG 212E - Microprocessor Systems

Course Objectives

An introduction to the microprocessor, the microcomputer system and the microcontrollers covering both hardware and software.
An existing 8-bit microcontroller has been chosen to show the immediate realization of the concepts related to microcontrollers and microcomputers.
To provide students adequate basis to be able to deal with microcontrollers.

Course Description

Microprocessor and microcontroller architecture. Memory and basic I/O device interfacing using 8051. Machine cycles and bus timing.
Assembly language programming using 8051: Instructions and programming techniques, counters and time delays, stacks and subroutines, software development systems.
An overview of addressing modes.
Interfacing peripherals with 8051: Parallel, serial, programmed and interrupt-initiated I/O techniques, programmable peripheral I/O devices, D/A and A/D converters.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Balkan
Course Language
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