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KON 428 - Introduction to Optimal Control

Course Objectives

1.To train students to understand the concept of optimization and optimal control.
2.To train students to solve optimization problems with and without constraints.
3.To train students to understand the importance of the performance measures and constraints in optimal control problems.
4.To train students to solve some optimal control problems.
5.To provide practice for developing critical thinking.

Course Description

Introduction to Optimization and Optimal Control Problems, Basic Mathematical Concepts, Unconstrained Optimization, Lagrange Multipliers Method, Kuhn Tucker Conditions, Performance Measures, Parameter Optimization in Optimal Control Problems, Numerical Optimization Methods in Optimal Kontrol Problems, Calculus of Variations, Calculus of Variations in Optimal Control Problems, Linear Regulator Problem

Course Coordinator
Müjde Güzelkaya
Course Language
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