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KON 306E - Computer Controlled Systems

Course Objectives

1. To teach students the basic principles of computer controlled systems
2. To train on how to obtain the discrete model of a system and how to analysis of the performance of a computer controlled systems
3. To train students on how to apply knowledge of control system analysis and design to computer controlled system design problems,
4. To train students on how to use computer for designing of a computer controlled systems

Course Description

Introduction to computer controlled systems. Sample and hold operations, A/D and D/A converters. Discrete-time models of continuous systems; Difference equations, z-transformations, discrete transfer functions. Stability and time domain performance analysis. Direct Digital controller design methods; Design using root locus. Frequency domain analysis of digital control systems. Direct digital controller design method- in Frequency domain. Designing discrete-time controllers by using continuous time controllers and digital controllers design methods. Digital simulation and implementation of control algorithms.

Course Coordinator
Yaprak Yalçın
Course Language
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