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KON 417 - Servo Motors

Course Objectives

1. To establish the mathematical background of mechanical motion including linear and circular motions, load and electrical motor characteristics, inertia and motion transfer equipments
2. To train students to use control engineering tools like modelling, transfer functions and stability analysis
3. To obtain the mathematical models of DC, AC and servo motors and their related power electronic drive circuits from the view point of control engineering
4. To provide experience for synthesizing electrical motion control systems and solving open ended problems using convenient software like Matlab and Simulink.

Course Description

The properties and classification of servo systems, mechanical systems and transmission mechanisms, load types, fundamentals of servomotors, torque-speed characteristics, operating point, brushed and brushless DC motors, permanent magnet sychronous motor's operational principles, torque, speed and position control methods, drivers and hardwares, application of servomotors

Course Coordinator
Metin Gökaşan
Handan Nak
Course Language
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