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KON 437 - Motion Control Systems

Course Objectives

1. Introduction of motion control systems and details of mechanisms.
2. Introduction of modeling principles for translational/rotational motion, electric motor and load characteristics, inertia and transmission components.
3. Use of developed models in simulations and preparation for the design of controllers.
4. Development of the foundation necessary for control engineering tools. For the effective use of modeling, transfer functions, and stability analysis.
5. Providing knowledge on control algorithms used in industrial motion control systems.
6. Use Matlab and Simulink software programs to apply motion control applications.
7. Provide laboratory opportunities to the students to introduce some mechanisms, servo motor and drivers and to apply their control algorithms.

Course Description

Introduction to motion control systems: mechanisms, transmission elements, actuators used in motion control systems, sensors, feedback components, and drives. Controllers in motion control systems: cascade controllers, feedforward controllers; examples of motion control applications

Course Coordinator
Ali Fuat Ergenç
Course Language
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