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ELK 473 - Discharge Phenomena in High Voltage Techniques

Course Objectives

1) In order to minimize power losses in energy transmission and distribution systems , line voltages have to be continuously increased. As a consequence of this discharge phenomena in high-voltage techniques became a basic field of study for electrical engineers .
2) Thus the knowledge of the properties of gases , vacuum and plasmas , as well as of liquid and solid dielectrics , is of fundamental importance in high-voltage technology.
3) The main purpose of this course is to deal with theoretical and experimental study of breakdown mechanisms in gaseous , liquid and solid dielectrics.

Course Description

Kinetic Gas Theory: Basic Knowledge. Ionization Processes: ionization by Collision, Photoionization, Thermal Ionization, Electron Detachment. Decay Processes:Recombination, Attachment, Diffusion. Uniform Field Breakdown: Townsend Theory, Paschen's Law. Streamer Theory. Corona Discharge. Lightning Discharge. Arc Discharge. Breakdown in Solids, Breakdown in Liquids.

Course Coordinator
Kevork Mardikyan
Course Language
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