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KON 301E - System Modelling & Simulation

Course Objectives

1. To train students to model and simulate of dynamical system.
2. To teach students to develop accurate mathematical models for mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, fluid, thermal and mixed systems and make linearization of nonlinear systems.
3. To teach students to solve response of dynamical systems analytically and numerically.
4. To provide experience in using Matlab/Simulink/SimScape to solve control engineering problems.
5. To provide practice for developing critical thinking skills and solving open ended problems.

Course Description

Introduction to system modelling and simulation, model representation, model analysis approaches, mechanical systems, friction, electrical systems, electromechanical systems, fluid systems, thermal Systems, kinematics modelling, Newton-Euler equation of motion, system simulation

Course Coordinator
Hakan Temeltaş
Course Language
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