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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Introduction to the course
2 Conductors used in power transmission lines, construction of these conductors
3 Effects of several climatic conditions on conductors, national electric safety code
4 Fluctations occured at power transmission lines
5 Calculation of conductors, chain equation, conductor lenght for symmetrical and unsymmetrical span
6 Calculation of sag for symmetrical span
7 Calculation of sag for unsymmetrical span
8 Economical and ruling spans, Equation for Changing Environmental Cases
9 The length of conductor according to ice loading
10 Sliding a tower vertically and horizontally MİDTERM EXAM
11 Critical span and critical temperature
12 Table of tensions and sags according to environmental temperature
13 Classification of towers, Determination of main dimensions of the towers
14 Forces acting on the towers; Other calculations about towers
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