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ELK 428 - Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Course Objectives

1. To teach the basic structural elements of a vehicle which is covered by electrical engineering topics.
2. To give basic knowledge about electric and hybrid vehicles in various configuration and their design works.
3. To teach the evaluation criterions of a vehicle then focus it on the electric and hybrid vehicles.
4.To give the design ability of an electric or hybrid vehicle by using the knowledge is gained from the class which is supported by suitable projects and homeworks.

Course Description

Analysis of the basic structure and dynamic model of a vehicle. Definition of emission, range and performance criterions. Energy storage, propulsion and their dedicated control systems of electric and hybrid vehicles. Calculation of the necessary mechanical power to move the vehicle by using the given vehicle, load, performance and range data and completing of the basic design work for the sub-systems. Technology and materials which improve the performance of the electric and hybrid vehicles.

Course Coordinator
Murat Yılmaz
Murat Yılmaz
Course Language
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