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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Mar 5 1 Introduction and Ethical issues in research
Definition and scope of research,
Research sector in the world and Turkey, The research process
Mar 12 2 Defining the research problem and developing a research approach
Research design and research methods
Exploratory research / Descriptive Research / Causal Research Topics are selected – (If not randomly assigned)

Case Study – Case 1:
Management Institute
Mar 19 3 Types of quantitative data and data collection methods
Primary and secondary data
Primary data collection– Survey and observation Case Study – Case 2: Nike

Mar 26 4 Theoretical Framework and Developing Hypotheses Case Study – Case 3: Starbucks
Apr 2 5 Measurement and Scaling
Attitude Measurement
Questionnaire and Form Design Case Study - Case 4: Artex Chemical
Apr 9 6 Sampling
Selection of Data Analysis Techniques and Data Preparation
Apr 16 7 MIDTERM
Assignment 1:
Secondary Research for Literature Review,
Research Questions, Hypotheses, Variables, Scales, Sampling Design and Questionnaire
Apr 23 9 Data analysis: Preliminary Data Analysis, Basic Statistics and Graphs
Apr 30 10 Data analysis: Hypothesis Tests
Parametric tests and SPSS application: Testing between group differences
May 7 11 Data analysis
Parametric tests and SPSS application: Correlation and Regression analysis
May 14 12 Ramazan Break
May 21 13 Data analysis
Parametric tests and SPSS application: Factor analysis and Reliability
May 28 14 Data analysis
Multivariate data analysis SPSS application: Discriminant Analysis
June 4 15 Data analysis
Multivariate data analysis SPSS application: Cluster Analysis
June 11 16 Report Writing and Overview
Assignment 2:
Data Analysis covering all tests
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