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END 374 - Competition Management

Course Objectives

1. Defining and highlighting the importance of competition and organizational nature concepts
2. The development of competition conception and the requirements to be done for competitiveness of organizations
3. Explaining the philosophy and infrastructure that stands behind the new paradigms and approaches in management by the competition point of view

Course Description

Definition and importance of competition. Basic concepts of competition. Emergence of competition. Evolution of competition thought. Competition and organizations. Competition and management. Competition and performance. Philosophy and basic assumptions of traditional competition. The impact of contemporary cultural, social and economic values on competition thought. Competition and productivity. Competition and costs. Competition and quality. Competition and customer. Competitions and organizational flexibility. Competition and innovation. Competition and knowledge management. Competition and cultural management. Competition and change management. Competition environments of the firm. Critique of traditional competition views.

Course Coordinator
Cahit Ali Bayraktar
Course Language
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