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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Pazarlama ve Satış Yönetimi
English Marketing and Sales Management
Course Code
END 433E Credit Lecture
Semester 7
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Metin Teberler
Course Objectives To provide essential elements of a marketing orientation; major concepts and principles of marketing and sales management; and, basic models of buyer behavior and their implications for marketing strategy; be able to apply marketing principles across a wide range of markets and cultures.
Course Description Marketing: concepts and marketing process, marketing setting (marketing environment and marketing information system), buyer behavior (consumer and business markets), determining the target market, market segmentation and positioning, new product development, the product life cycle, marketing strategies, marketing decisions (product and service), competition, pricing and marketing channels, sales management, marketing communications, globalization and e-marketing. Cases.
Course Outcomes
Required Facilities HW - A group of students will be assigned to analyze a case to be discussed in the classroom weekly. The group (consists of NO more than 8-to-9 members) will present the case including their comments and remarks. Presentations should be targeted at 20 minutes and then, 10 minutes to allow critiques and questions. The rest of the class will act as the “Board of Directors” evaluating the problem solving team. A typewritten report of no more than 6 pages as a PP presentation file (inc.all case q.s answered!!) should be submitted by each group electronically – at the latest one day before the case presentation.
The case assignments will require active participation of each group member in the analysis of each and every case and the preparation of materials to assist the group in making an effective presentation to the entire class. Each group member must also effectively participate in the oral presentation of the assigned case.

TP - A term project by groups of NO more than 8-to-9 students is required. The topics of the group projects and detailed explanations will be given later on. In any case, each group require to prepare and submit their MARKETING CASE/PLAN on the specified date of the course.

IMPORTANT! Students require to attend to the classes by 70% and to the case sessions by 80%.
Other IMPORTANT! Students require to attend to the classes by 70% and to the case sessions by 80%. (apprx. 10 weeks out of 14 weeks)
Textbook Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G. (2006 or newer), Principles of Marketing, 11th edition, Prentice-Hall.
Other References Teberler, M. – Class Notes Package (PP Presentations),
Packet of Cases and Readings.
Further readings to be suggested.
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