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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Weeks Topics Course Outcomes
1 Human Resource Management (HRM) concept and contents. Objectives and functions of HRM I
2 Shift from personnel management to HRM in maritime and company-ship organization I
3 Planning, objectives and process of HRM in maritime transportation. Types of personal demand I-II
4 Seafarer selection and recruiting II
5 Seafarer training, development and improvement III
6 Seafarer qualification and certification III
7 Seafarer performance review IV
8 Carrier planning and development as a seafarer III-IV
9 Job analysis, descriptions and duties III-IV
10 Seafarers wage and salary management III-IV
11 HRM Information Systems in the maritime industry V
12 Familiarization of seafarer to sea life and ship; communication and interpersonal relation III-IV-V
13 International and Strategic HRM V
14 HRM and technology development, applications in the maritime industry V
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