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MST 241 - Marine Electrotechnics

Course Objectives

In the course, it is aimed to introduce to marine engineering and his/her duties and responsibilities, ship electrical systems and their knowledge.

Course Description

D.C. machines’ construction, properties and operation principles, equivalent circuit diagrams, basic equations, types of excitation, armature reaction, commutation. Generator and motor characteristics, speed control and starting characteristics. Loading and phase diagrams. A.C. machines, properties and operation principles. Construction of single and three phase machines, determination of the parameters of the equivalent circuit in the three phase asynchronous machines. Electromotor power, rotational fields. Loading and phase diagrams. Rotational and turndown momentum; computer aided analysis of starting, brake and speed control methods.
Construction of synchronous machines, excitation field. Armature reaction in synchronous generators and motors, phase diagrams of the equivalent circuit. Loaded and unloaded characteristics. Synchronization, starting in synchronous motors. Active, reactive power adjustment, torque. Synchronous- asynchronous motor, high frequency motors, linear machines, brake motors, vibration motors, Schrage’s motor, single and multiphase commutator motors, hysterisis. Parallel operation of A.C./D.C. generators. Converters. Testing and maintenance methods (A.C. and D.C. generators and motors, circuit breakers and starters.)

Course Coordinator
Ali Sinan Çabuk
Course Language
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