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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Cevher Hazırlama ve Çevre
English Mineral Process. & Environment
Course Code
CHZ 452E Credit Lecture
Semester -
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Fırat Burat
Course Objectives 1.Relationship between pollution, ecosystem and human healthy
2.Teaching of ore dressing facilities and environmental effects
3. Description, classification and disposal methods for tailings and regulatories.
4.Hazardous wastes in mineral processing and hazardous waste management
5. Assesment and management of ore dressing plants, closure and rehabilitation
Course Description Ecosystem, The effect of pollution to the ecosystem and human healthy, Environmental law, and environmental impact assessment, Effects of mining activities on environment , Mine closure and post mining use of land, Environmental effects of ore dressing facilities, Description and classification of ore dressing tailings, Disposing and handling of solid, liquid, gaseous and chemical waste in mineral processing, Regulatory of waste disposal and tailings dams, Sources of hazardous waste in mineral processing and environmental effects, Risk assessment and management of hazardeous wastes, Coal preparation, utilization and environmental effects, Clean coal technologies, Closure and site hehabilitation of ore dressing plants
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course will be able to:
1. Evaluate the ecosystem, the effect of pollution to the ecosystem and human healthy
2. Understanding and evaluation of environmental parameters for ore dressing facilities
3. Teaching of ore dressing plant tailings and sources
4. Regulations and preparation of environmental impact assessment for ore dressing facilities
5. Risk assessment and management of hazardous wastes
6. Disposing, handling and management of ore dressing plants tailings
7. Closure and site rehabilitation of ore dressing plants
Required Facilities
Textbook 1) Waste Treatment in the Mining and Chemicals Manufacturing Industries (Advances in Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment), (2009), Edts: Lawrence K. Wang, Nazih K. Shammas, Yung-Tse Hung, CRC; 1st edition,
2) F. M. Doyle, (1990), Mining and Mineral Processing Wastes, Society for Mining Metallurgy & Exploration Inc., Berkeley, California.
3) Woodard F. (2001), “Industrial waste treatment handbook”, Butterworth–Heinemann, ISBN 0-7506-7317-6.
4) Management of Waste from Extractive Industries, (2006), EC 2006/21, March 15, The European Parliament Council, Brussels
Other References
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