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CHZ 411E - Metallurgy II

Course Objectives

The main objectives of this course are
1. to give some information on basic metallurgical processes and their relations to mineral processing, examples of industrial applications and
2. to provide means to students to gather and combine information about a given subject of from other sources in appropriate ways in writing technical reports and ability of presentation in a certain time.

Course Description

Hydrometallurgy-definition and classification, types of leaching reagents, leaching methods, solid/liquid separation. Recovery of metals from leach solutions (Solvent Extraction-Ion Exhange, Precipitation, Electrolysis). Examples from hyrometallurgical processes (Copper, zinc, gold, silver, etc). Electrometallurgy – electrowining and electrorefining. Examples: Copper, Zinc, Aluminium Electrolyses. Physical metallurgy, casting, plastic formation of materials..

Course Coordinator
Fatma Arslan
Course Language
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