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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Weeks
Topics Course Outcomes
1 Hydrometallurgy-definition and classification, types of leaching reagents, I
2 Leaching methods, I
3 Solid/liquid separation. I
4 Recovery of metals from leach solutions (Solvent Extraction-Ion Exhange, Precipitation, Electrolysis). I
5 II
6 Examples from hyrometallurgical processes (Copper, zinc, gold, silver, etc). II
7 Electrometallurgy – electrowining and electrorefining. I
8 Copper, Zinc, Aluminium Electrolyses. I-II
9 Physical metallurgy, III
10 Casting III
11 Plastic formation of materials III
12 Corrosion III
13 Student term project presentations VI, V
14 VI, V
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