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PET 487E - Petroleum Fuels Market&Segment

Course Objectives

The main aim of this course is to provide students with basic understanding of the petroleum products and how do they are derived and how do they are segmented in business environment . How a detailed segmentation of the products are made ,what are basics principles of segmentation and who will lead such team in an organizations .Some important factors to be identified relevant to petroleum product commercial business foundation. How a field of petroleum business if or not attractive would be determined .Functions of Energy Regulatory Board are detailed applicable to petroleum products are explained. Secondly ,to equipe with all relevant knowledge needed by an engineer to create a marketing and professional edge against counterparts .

Course Description

This course aims to get basic products derived from petroleum and their market perspectives and that of segmenting the products namely fuels .This course is primarily designed for the students from 5 th semester and upwards .It is highly recommended for 7 and 8 semester students before they leave the department as young professionals. This course will provide these young engineers with the basic understanding of what they would deal with as they begin their professional life in working environment. Further, the fields dealt with professional institutions and International market tools i.e. Platt’s ,EPDK and relevant terminologies and their applications in business are discussed

Course Coordinator
Ömer İnanç Türeyen
Course Language
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