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JEF 430E - Marine Geophysics

Course Objectives

1. To provide basic knowledge in marine geophysical methods (instrumentation, data acquisition, and processing),
2. To give an ability in recognizing problems in the scope of marine geology and geophysics,
3. To develop an ability for interpretation of marine geophysical data,

Course Description

Research vessels, navigation systems, bathymetric data collection
(single beam and multibeam systems), side scan sonar systems,
multichannel seismic reflection data, subbottom profiling systems
(SBP, chirp systems), other marine geophysical instruments (ROV, AUV),
processing, mapping and interpretation of the marine geophysical data,
relation to offshore active tectonics, exploration and engineering problems.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Emin Demirbağ
Course Language
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