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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Doğal Gaz Mühendisliği
English Natural Gas Engineering
Course Code
PET 431E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 - - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Abdurrahman Satman
Abdurrahman Satman
Course Objectives 1. Having student to grab the basic properties and behavior of natural gases and its constituents,
2. Providing the conceptual and mathematical infrastructure required in engineering calculations, performed in gas reserve estimates and in the production, storage and transport of natural gas,
3. Teaching methods and giving applications for the solution of common engineering problems, met through the stages of natural gas flow from reservoir to its distribution to the consumer.
Course Description Historical background for the natural gas occurrences, utilization and reserves in Turkey and in the world. Phase behavior, physical and thermodynamic properties of gases. Water content, heating value, and hydrates of natural gases. Flow and metering of gases in pipes and wellbores. Natural gas compression, reserve estimates, and storage. Gas-well deliverability tests.
Course Outcomes 1. Data gathering, generation, interpretation, and assessment in natural gas engineering,
2. Identification and inquiry, method determination and solution of problems in natural gas engineering,
3. Utilization of knowledge in mathematics, basic sciences, basic engineering, and geosciences and their adaptation to computer applications to solve problems natural gas engineering,
4. Learning new methods and future developments , in addition to the contemporary equipment and their functions at the facilities of natural gas production, cleansing, storage, and transport,
5. Gaining awareness on the importance of engineering ethics, human health and environmental protection as well as team work in operating and managing the natural gas fields and facilities.
Pre-requisite(s) PET 311E
Required Facilities Computer Use
Textbook Gas Reservoir Engineering, Lee, J., and Wattenberger, R.A., SPE Textbook Vol. 5, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Richardson, Texas, USA, 1996.
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2. Natural Gas Production Engineering, Ikoku, C.U., Krieger Pub. Co., Malabar, Florida, USA, 1992.
3. PET 431 E Natural Gas Engineering, Class Notes, Mıhcakan, I. M., Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Dept., ITU, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008.
4. Handbook of Natural Gas Engineering, Katz, D.L., Cornell, D., Kobayashi, R., Poettmann, F.H., Vary, J.A., Elenbaas, J.R., and Weinaug C.F., McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, New York, USA, 1959.
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