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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Weeks Course Plan
1 Historical background and occurrence of natural gas. Kinetic theory of gases
2 Physical and thermodynamic properties of natural gases
3 Physical and thermodynamic properties of natural gases
4 Combustion and heating value of natural gas
5 Water content of natural gas and natural gas hydrates
6 Derivation of general flow equation for the flow of gases in pipes and wells
7 Calculation of static and flowing bottom-hole pressures in gas wells
8 Metering of flow of natural gas and pertinent devices
9 Enthalpy-entropy diagrams, expansion, and compression of natural gas
10 Volumetric reserve estimations of normal and abnormally pressured gas reservoirs
11 Introduction to decline curve analyses for gas wells and reservoirs
12 Flow of gases in reservoirs. Back pressure (deliverability) testing of gas wells
13 Flow-after-flow, four point, and isochronal testing of gas wells
14 Storage means of natural gas
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