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DEN 211 - Introduction to Engineering Design

Course Objectives

The main goal of the course is to introduce the concept of engineering design and present the main stages of enginering design process and the activities. As a candidate for engineering in the field of marine and offsjore technology field, the student will learn about engineering design development, team working, technical documentation and presentation.

Course Description

The major focus of the Introduction to Engineering Design course is to expose students to design process, research and analysis, teamwork, communication methods, engineering standards, and technical documentation. Introduction to Engineering Design course gives students the opportunity to develop skills and understanding of course concepts through a teaming approach, creative abilities and understanding of the design process. Students will employ engineering and scientific concepts in the solution of engineering design problems. Students will also learn how to document their work, and communicate their solutions to their peers and members of the professional community. The outline of the course is as follows:
• Engineering Design Process
• Generating and Evaluating Design Alternativs
• Technical Sketching and Drawing
• Measurement and Statistics
• Engineering Standarts
• Technical Documentation

Course Coordinator
Kadir Sarıöz
Course Language
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