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DEN 328E - Oceanography

Course Objectives

1. To learn about the general physical aspects of the oceans besides the physical and chemical properties of sea water and marine sediment;
2. To understand the applications of the continuity and momentum equations to the ocean currents;
3. To learn the calculations of water, salt and heat budgets for the oceans;?
4. To be able to carry out calculations about the Coriolis acceleration, geostrophic flow;?
5. To understand the wave motions in sea and make basic wave calculations;
6. To learn about the marine ecosystem.

Course Description

Ocean dimensions, shapes and bottom materials. Physical and chemical properties of sea water. Density calculations. Continuity equation and its applications. Concept of stability and its application. Water, salt and heat budgets of the oceans. Conservation of volume and salt. Marine sediment and its properties. The equation of motion. The Coriolis acceleration. Currents without friction: Geostrophic flow. Currents with friction: Wind-driven circulation. Wave equations. Marine pollution, marine ecosystem, biological productivity and energy transfer

Course Coordinator
Sevil Deniz Yakan Dündar
Course Language
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