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GEM 328E - Ship Hydrodynamics (Propulsion)

Course Objectives

1. To provide students with the necessary knowledge of ship propulsion.
2. To provide students with the ability to identify, analyze/formulate and solve engineering problems in ship hydrodynamics.
3. To encourage the students to use library and other resources (internet etc.) and to make small scale research on given problems.
4. To provide the students with the ability to report and graphically present their findings on given problems and assignments.
5. To provide students with the ability to design propellers and capability in propulsion analysis.

Course Description

Modern propulsion devices. Propeller geometry. Hydrodynamic characteristics of propellers. Propeller-Hull interaction, wake. Standard series. Propeller theories; momentum, lifting line/surface theory, boundary element (panel) method, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. Cavitation. Propeller design and engine selection. Model propeller tests.

Course Coordinator
Emin Korkut
Course Language
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