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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Weeks Topics Course Outcomes
1 Vocabulary and vocabulary structures I-II-III
2 Usage of verb to be I-II-III
3 Usage of prepositions- On board prepositions and directions I-II-III
4 Adjectives I-II-III
5 Two words verbs I-II-III
6 Standard patterns for functioning an object on board, vessel type, navigating instrument, engine parts. I-II-III
7 Noun compounds I-II-III
8 Adverb clauses, cause and effect I-II-III
9 If clauses I-II-III
10 Conjuctive adverbs and reduction of adverb clauses I-II-III
11 Causatives-rewriting instructions, orders, requests of senior officers in causative form I-II-III
12 Speculations and conclusions about past events on board I-II-III
13 Translation studies-maritime subjects selected from news I-II-III
14 Rewrite studies covering above mentioned grammar items in advanced level I-II-III
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