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GEM 438E - Stability of Ships

Course Objectives

1. To provide sufficient knowledge for both intact and damage stability of ships and marine vehicles,
2. To understand basic concepts of launching and perform launching calculations,
3. To provide the knowledge and ability to assess the stability and safety of ships and marine vehicles in accordance with the national and international stability regulations in depth.

Course Description

Introduction to Stability. Chronological Development of Ship Stability. Mathematical Stability Methods and Their Application to Ships. Subdivision of Ships. Calculation Methods for Floodable Length Curves. Deterministic and Probabilistic Stability Calculations. Ship Stability in Damaged Condition. Added Weight and Constant Deplasman Methods. Launching Methods and Hydrostatics, Dynamics and Pressure Calculations of Launching. Grain Loading Calculations, Grain Loading Rules. Dynamical Ship Stability, Stability in Waves. International Stability Criteria for Special Ship Types. IMO, SOLAS, IBC, IGC, MARPOL and SOLAS International Stability Criteria. Submarine stability

Course Coordinator
Metin Taylan
Course Language
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