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GEM 321E - Ship Theory

Course Objectives

1. To provide an understanding of basic hydrostatics and stability of ships and marine vehicles, both intact and damaged,
2. To offer various solution techniques to estimate the hydrostatic and stability properties and launching characteristics of ships and marine vehicles,
3. To provide an ability to assess stability and safety of ships and marine vehicles in accordance with the national and international safety regulations.

Course Description

Area, volume, center of area and volume calculations, approximate evaluation of the area under curves. Hydrostatics curves. Transverse stability, initial stability of a ship. Effect of weight and form on stability. Stability at large angles. Effect of free surface of liquids. Effect of weight movements. The inclining experiment. Parameters that affect stability, dynamic stability. Stability when grounded and dry-docked. Stability on waves, stability criteria, longitudinal stability. Trim calculations and curves. IMO and SOLAS regulations. Flooding calculations. Permeability. International rules for subdivision of ships. Floodable length curve evaluation methods. Damaged stability. Ship launching.

Course Coordinator
Metin Taylan
Course Language
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