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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Intr.to Naval Arc.& Ocean Eng.
English Intr.to Naval Arc.& Ocean Eng.
Course Code
DEN 111E Credit Lecture
Semester 1
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ebru Sarıöz
Course Objectives 1.To give a basic understanding on naval architecture and ocean engineering
2. To give very basic knowledge on ships, sea transport and offshore structures
Course Description History of shipbuilding and general definition of ships. Classification of ship types, geometrical properties of ships. General description of freeboard, tonnage of ships. Introduction of hydrostatics, stability, resistance, propulsion, seakeeping, and manoeuvring concepts of ships. Offshore drilling and production systems. Offshore exploration platforms.
Course Outcomes 1. Be familiar with the concepts of ships and offshore technologies
2. Be aware of basic maritime regulations
3. The students shall be able to determine the types of vessels and offshore structures: design and purpose
4. To be able to know the methods of finding their relationships and application to weights, volume and displacements of floating bodies, moments and centers of gravity, center of buoyancy
Required Facilities
Textbook Course notes prepared by the lecturer and Tupper, E. Introduction to Naval Architecture. 4th ed., Elsevier Butterworth – Heinemann 2004, ISBN: 0750665548
Other References Paffett, J.A.H. Ships and Water. The Nautical Institute, 1990, ISBN: 1870077067

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