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Course Name
Turkish Deniz araçlarının hareketleri ve kontrolü
English Motions&Control of Mar.Vehic.
Course Code
DEN 462E Credit Lecture
Semester 2
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ömer Kemal Kınacı
Ömer Kemal Kınacı
Course Objectives Determining marine vehicle motion capabilities at the design stage improves the compliance of the shipyards with the contracts they have made with the shipowners. Within the scope of this course, marine vehicle motions will be introduced and shown to students that they can control marine vehicles with this knowledge. In this respect, the course has two objectives:
1. To inform students about seakeeping and maneuvering calculations of marine vehicles by introducing marine vehicle motions.
2. To make an introduction to marine vehicle motion control systems.
Course Description Definition of ship motions, one-degree-of-freedom roll, one-degree-of-freedom heave, fundamentals of seakeeping, fundamentals of maneuvering, ship motion equations, introduction to control systems, open-loop and closed-loop control systems, PID control.
Course Outcomes Students who successfully complete this course are expected
1. to learn calculation of seakeeping and maneuvering abilities of marine vehicles at a basic level, and
2. to have knowledge about the control of marine vehicle motions.
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