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GEM 436E - Refrigeration Syst For Ships

Course Objectives

1. To build a foundation of analytical capability for the solution of a great variety of refrigeration problems.
2. To build a sound understanding of the refrigeration systems for ships
3. To introduce a unified view of the techniques and theory for the analysis and predictions of the ship refrigeration systems.

Course Description

Refrigeration cycles, refrigerators and heat pumps, ideal vapour-compression refrigeration cycle, actual vapour-compression refrigeration cycles, refrigerants, selecting the right refrigerant, heat pump systems, innovative vapour-compression refrigeration systems, gas refrigeration cycles, absorption refrigeration cycles, absorption refrigeration systems, thermoelectric power generation and refrigeration systems, refrigeration equipment: compressors, evaporators, condensers, throttling valves, refrigeration systems for ships, design of cold rooms and refrigerated containers (refeer), frigorific ships (refrigerated cargo hold type ships).

Course Coordinator
Selma Ergin
Course Language
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