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GEM 447E - Vent & Air Cond Sys For Ships

Course Objectives

1. To build a foundation of analytical capability for the solution of a great variety of ventilation and air-conditioning problems.
2. To build a sound understanding of ventilation and air conditioning systems for ships.
3. To introduce a unified view of the techniques and theory for the analysis and predictions of the ship ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Course Description

Ventilation, natural ventilation, forced ventilation, ventilation systems for ships, design of ventilation systems, gas-vapour mixtures and air conditioning, dry and atmospheric air, specific and relative humidity of air, Dew-point temperature, adiabatic saturation and Wet-Bulb temperatures, psychrometric chart, human comfort and air conditioning, air conditioning processes, simple heating and cooling, adiabatic mixing of airstreams, wet cooling towers, air-conditioning systems for ships, design of air-conditioning systems.

Course Coordinator
Selma Ergin
Course Language
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