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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish gemi makineleri ve yardımcı makineler
English Marine Engines and Auxiliaries
Course Code
DEN 324E Credit Lecture
Semester 6
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Halil Saraçoğlu
Course Objectives 1. To introduce alternative propulsion engine performance characteristics and selection criteria
2. To provide information on engine-propeller matching problem
3. To provide working knowledge on Marine auxiliary systems and their functions
4. To provide design knowledge on HVAC systems
Course Description Ship power production system, main engine selection criteria, Diesel, gas turbine and combined system
characteristics, engine propeller matching, pipe fittings and pumps, pumping system calculations,
fundamental heat transfer modes, heat exchangers, refrigeration systems and design of refrigerated spaces,
fundamentals and applications of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, air starting systems and
Course Outcomes Students who pass this course will be able to:
I. Describe the alternatives for prime movers, explain their pros and cons
II. Identify Diesel, gas turbine and combined system performance characteristics and carry out enginepropeller
mathcing procedure
III. Indentify pipe fittings and pumps, carry out head loss calculations through piping and preliminary
design calculations for pumping systems
IV. Identify the fundemantal heat transfer mechanisms, carry out preliminary design calculations for heat
exchangers and refrigerated spaces
V. Identify HVAC systems, express fudamental principles and definitions and carry out preliminary
design calculations for such systems
VI. Identify air starting systems, carry out preliminary design calculations for air bottles and
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