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DEN 439E - Ballast Water Management

Course Objectives

Ballast water management is a versatile problem that involves international legislations, technical solutions for the ships and environmental factors. “International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water and Sediments” has been opened to the signature of the member states by IMO. TGNA has approved the ratification of the convention by law numbered 6531 on 08/04/2014. After the ratification of the convention all ships will be required to manage their ballast water in compliance with the standards of the convention within a designated timetable depending on their ages and ballast water capacities. It is aimed to ensure the awareness of students about ballast water problem; to acquaint the students with international regulations, practices and new technologies in the field of ballast water problem

Course Description

Introduction to ballast water management, ballast water problem, Regulations (IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and Guidelines; national and regional legislations; ballast water administration), ballast water exchange, ballast water treatment technologies, port based ballast water treatment approach and innovative ship design alternatives for ballast water management, installation parameters of ballast water treatment system to existing and new building ships, ballast water monitoring

Course Coordinator
Ceren Bilgin Güney
Course Language
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