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DEN 416E - Coastal Structures

Course Objectives

The main goal of this course is to
1. emphasize the importance of coastal structures as a part of the Ocean Engineering curriculum,
2. supply necessary information about the fundamentals of design of coastal structures,
3. create awareness about the dangers that threaten coastal structures,
4. generate and establish a methodology for structural design from engineering stand point

Course Description

Design wave, reflection, refraction and diffraction. Forces on structures. Rubble mound structure design. Design of other shorefront structures: seawalls, bulkheads, groins, jettes, and breakwaters. Damages on structures. Design of ports. Material selection and construction methods. Inlet/lagoon systems. Cost analysis. Sediment transport.

Course Coordinator
Şafak Nur Ertürk Bozkurtoğlu
Course Language
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