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ADM 505E - Environ.Aspe.of Offsho.Activ.

Course Objectives

To introduce students with offshore dredging, drilling and production operations, their liquid and solid waste discharges in addition to their fate and impact on marine environment.
To introduce students with the sampling and analysis techniques of the chemicals used and wastes produced during offshore operations.
To familiarize students with the directives, regulations and models used for offshore chemical selection and chemical risk assessment.

Course Description

General introduction to oil and gas industry, dredging, drilling and production activities. Typical discharges of dredging, drilling and production activities. Hazardous substances. Oilfield chemicals. Produced water and its major components. Environmental effects of dredging, drilling and production activities. Effects of resuspended sediments. Beneficial uses of produced water. Environmental fate of produced water discharges. Sampling and analysis techniques for produced water, sediment and biota. Data assessment and interpretation. Guidelines for offshore chemical selection. Assessment the impact of chemical discharges. Offshore models used for hazard and risk assessment (e.g. the CHARM - Chemical Hazard Assessment and Risk Management model).

Course Coordinator
Sevil Deniz Yakan Dündar
Course Language
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