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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İleri Sayısal Analiz
English Advanced Numerical Analysis
Course Code
MUH 324 Credit Lecture
Semester 6
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ahmet Kırış
Course Objectives 1. To learn advanced numerical methods by theoretical and algorithmic ways
2. To earn qualifications of mathematical modelling and numerical analysis of advanced numerical methods
3. To analysis complex and many unknowns systems
4. Construct numerical algorithms in advanced level
Course Description 1. Solutions of ordinary differential equations and system by Runge-Kutta method
2. Adaptive and multi-steps Runge-Kutta methods
3. Pade approximants, Aitken method, Epsilon and Eta algorithms
4. Orthogonal polynomials and least square method; Chebyshev polynomials, Fourier series
5. Boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations
6. Linear and nonlinear shooting methods
7. Numerical solutions of partial differential equations
8. Introduction to finite element methods
Course Outcomes Students completing this course successfully earns qualifications on the following subjects;
1. Advanced numerical methods
2. Mathematical modelling
3. Solution of complex systems
4. Constructing algorithms
Required Facilities Knowledge of a programming language such as Mathematica, Matlab, C++
Textbook Chapra S. C., Canale R. P., Numerical Methods for Engineers, Mcgraw-Hill Education, 2008.
Burden R. L., Faires J. D., Numerical analysis 7e, Brooks Cole, 2000.
Baker G. A., Morris P. G., Pade approximants, Cambridge university press,Cambridge, 1996.
Other References
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