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ITB 203 - Sociology

Course Objectives

Students who take this course are aimed to gain the following skills at the end of the course.
1- To recognize the subject of sociology as a science and its main problem areas,
2- To recognize the theories explaining the functioning and structure of modern societies at the introductory level,
3- To comprehend the functioning of basic social formations such as the state, family, class, city, bureaucracy, professions,
4- To explore the basic concepts and theories of sociology within the scope of the course,
5- To understand the roles of modern cities and bureaucracies in our daily life,
6- To recognize the critical tools and concepts of the sociological imagination.

Course Description

This course will discuss a general introduction to sociology. The subject and main problem areas of sociology as a discipline will be explained. How sociology conceptualizes the conditions that create modern societies will be discussed over various topics and with reference to basic theories. In this context, the topics to be focused on are: industrial societies, capitalist commodity and human relations, the rise and transformation of social classes, the formation of the state rising on various institutions and bureaucratic fields, the basic characteristics of modern urban life, family structures and gender relations, and the state of the modern world system and economy. It will be introduced to sociology and sociological imagination as a critical and analytical discipline.

Course Coordinator
Alim Arlı
Alim Arlı
Course Language
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