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FIZ 102E - Physics II

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to tease out the laws of electromagnetism from our everyday experience by specific examples of how electromagnetic phenomena manifest themselves. We want to be able:
To describe, in words, the ways in which various concepts in electromagnetism come into play in particular situations;
To represent these electromagnetic phenomena and fields mathematically in those situations;
And to predict outcomes in other similar situations.
The overall goal is to use the scientific method to come to understand the enormous variety of electromagnetic phenomena in terms of a few relatively simple laws.

Course Description

General Physics II is a continuation of General Physics I. University Physics II introduces electrical and magnetic phenomena in nature, including the concepts of electrical charges, electric and magnetic fields, the application of Gauss' Law, electric potential, conductors and insulators, currents, basic circuits, and induction.

Course Coordinator
Berna Morova
Course Language
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