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KIM 206 - Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis

Course Objectives

1.To provide a rigorous background in fundamental principles of analytical
2.To develop an appreciation for judging the accuracy and precision of
experimental data
3.To introduce a wide range of techniques of modern analytical chemistry

Course Description

Introduction and basic concepts, Errors in chemical analysis, Aquous solutionsand Chemical equilibrium, Effects of electrolytes on Ionic Equilibria,
Application of equilibrium Calculations to complex systems, Gravimetric
Methods of Analysis, Titrimetric Methods of Analysis, Precipitation Titrimetry,
Theory of Neutralization Titrations, Complex-Formation Titrations,
Introduction to Electrochemistry and Applications, Introduction to
Atomic and Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy, Molecular Fluorescence
Introduction to Chromatographic Methods, Gas and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Course Coordinator
Ferah Çalışır
Course Language
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