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KIM 252E - Chemical Thermodynamics

Course Objectives

1. To provide the principles of Thermodynamics
2. To give an ability to apply the thermodynamic principles on chemical systems,
3. To provide the meaning and application of thermodynamic state functions on chemical systems

Course Description

Physical chemistry and main branches, gases, deviation from ideality in gases, Van der Waals
and Virial equations, the first law of thermodynamics, internal energy, state function, Joule and
Joule Thomson experiments, application of the first law on ideal gas processes, reversible and
irreversible processes, heat, work, the second law of the thermodynamics, Carnot cycle, entropy ,
entropy changes in various processes, the third law of thermodynamics, absolute zero, material
equlibrium, Gibbs and Helmholtz free energies, Gibbs equations, Maxwell relations, chemical
potential, material equilibrium, chemical reactions and equlibrium, equlibrium constant, Van't
Hoff equation,standard thermodynamic functions of chemical reactions, standard states,
formation entalpy and internal energy, Hess law, Kirchoff equation, solution entalpy.

Course Coordinator
Nermin Orakdöğen
Course Language
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