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TEK 426E - Quality Cnt in Tex. &Clot.Prod

Course Objectives

1. To provide information about problems and quality control methods applied in textile and garment enterprises.
2. Learning quality evaluation and measurement systems, material test, product specifications and analysis in the textile and garment enterprises.
3. Teaching establishment of quality system, total quality management, analytic methods and quality development methods.

Course Description

Introduction to quality assurance-- Linking products, quality and customers—Understanding standards and specifications-- Introduction to testing—Specifying and evaluating Materials-- Durability Testing-- Evaluating Material Contributions to Comfort, Safety and health-- Evaluating Care, Appearance Retention, Colorfastness and Weather Resistance, Upholstery and carpet test standards-- Specifying and Evaluating Color Requirements-- Developing Standards and Specifications for products-- Inspecting Products—Evaluating Products-- Sampling a lot and developing acceptance levels-- Total quality management—Analytic tools—Statistical process control

Course Coordinator
Canan Sarıçam
Course Language
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