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TEK 445E - New Yarn Production Processes

Course Objectives

1. To provide general information about yarns, conventional spinning systems and technologies commonly used in the textile industry in order to help students to remember their previous knowledge they require for understanding the new concepts that will be given in this course.
2. To introduce new spinning systems and technologies and evaluate their differences by making comparisons in order to help students to follow the new trends and innovations in spinning technology.
3. To examine the production parameters of the spinning systems and the organization of the spinning mills.
4. To help students to have some opinion about the yarns, characteristics and application fields of the yarns produced by new innovative technologies.
5. To give students the fundamental approaches of the new concepts in spinning technology in order to help them to create a new point of view for the designing process of the yarns having improved properties.

Course Description

Innovative spinning systems and technologies. Compact spinning, Solo spinning, Siro spinning, Open-end spinning, Twist spinning, Self- twist spinning, Wrap spinning, Air-jet spinning, False-twist spinning. Comparison of new spinning systems with the conventional ones. Yarns produced by new spinning systems. Parameters affecting the yarn formation in these systems.

Course Coordinator
İkilem Göcek
Course Language
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